I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 12 – Your Eyes Are Mine

In maybe our most epic episode, special guest Tiny Archibald AKA Busta Recap AKA Brenton C Francois joins the band in discussing: being raised by librarians, child-rearing, organ theft, Whitman samplers and the traditions of giving explosives to schoolchildren in Avoyelles Parish. Also we talk a little about Lance’s song “Your Eyes Are Mine”

Here is one of Tiny’s finest moments of GOT recapdom

No photo description available.

*walks through the darkness not being able to see a damn thing*

Ok recap is up. This episode was so good after it was over I said out loud “I can’t recap that… It’s too dope”. Anyway Game of throne season 8 episode 3 : the long night aka the one where I forgot to breathe a couple of times aka no but for real it was really hard to see aka Jon snow is actually pretty crappy at saving the day aka Arya Stark from the logo! aka a whole new level of friendzone aka sure a crypt, why not. Recap is in the comments, spoiler protection on!  (more on his Facebook page)


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