Lance Porter, Leon Roussel, Alex V. Cook, Sam Anselmo, Leon LeJeune

The Rakers are a rock band from Baton Rouge, La., a “thinking man’s drinking band.” Formed in 2013 to sing the tales of the common loser in a rock music vernacular. Any resemblances to persons living or dead to characters in The Rakers’ songs is strictly coincidental, except for the one about Kenny. That one is true.

Alex V. Cook – Keys, pedal steel, guitar and vocals

Lance Porter – Guitar and vocals

Leon LeJeune – Guitar and harmonica

Lewis Roussel – Bass

Sam Anselmo – Drums


2 thoughts on “MEET THE RAKERS

  1. Dear Rakers, I see that your band will be performing at Dyson’s on the 30th of this month. I see Jesse Lee Mitchell will be sitting in. I’m trying to get a hold of Jesse to let him know that a mutual friend of ours has passed away. The services will be held tomorrow July 27 at Rabenhorst East funeral home.
    If you could please pass this along for him to call James Waits at 225-955-7366.
    Thank You,
    James Waits


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