I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 4 – Sears TeleGames Video Arcade

Episode 4 – Sears TeleGames Video Arcade 8/12/2019 – In episode 4, we discuss Lance’s song “Sears TeleGames Video Arcade,” the Sears knock-off of the Atari 2600. Video games, cootie-catchers, the use of pinball for gambling, Lewis’ possible Mafia ties and cruising the strip are all covered with our special guest, Charlotte Smith from Pop Shop Records.

From BoingBoing

The Literature of Cootie-Catchers from Electric Literature

D.A.R.Y.L. – Charlotte’s favorite movie!

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I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 3 – Basic Automotive Repair

8/5/2019 – Episode 3 – The band talks about their crappy cars, Leon jumps a Mercedes into a lake and special guest Robby Berringer from The Squanders gets propositioned while getting a ride. It’s cars, rock ‘n’ roll and bad decision making on this episode!

Here is “T-Wayne and Punk Lloyd” by The Squanders, as heard in this episode.

I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 2 – How I Knew I Wasn’t Country

Leon, dressed out for the 1966 Bunkie High Panthers.

Episode 2 – 7/29/2019 – Alex interviews Lance about his song “How I Knew I Wasn’t Country” and we all talk about fighting, both as kids and as adults. Lewis also tells us all about working at Your Father’s Mustache on Bourbon Street before it burned down.

Image result for your father's mustache bourbon street

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I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Podcast Episode 1 – Gonzales Lights

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Episode 1 – 7/23/2019 – Lance interviews Alex about his song “Gonzales Lights”, the first track on the Rakers’ forthcoming album NUMBER FIVE. Anna does some voices and checks our facts and Leon explains how to trap an evil spirit with a pocketknife.

Here is a picture of Leon (left) at a wedding in Bunkie in 1969. Later that day, he would strip down to just those suit pants and groove to some bands he’d never heard of like Santana and the Grateful Dead at the New Orleans Pop Festival and get a very serious sunburn.

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