I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 8 – Trophies

In this episode, we talk about Alex’s song “Trophies,” the value of participation, Leon’s award-winning fire extinguisher exhibit and how he didn’t exactly know who the Rolling Stones were.

Calvin Hairstyle, “I Am Barry Bonds” Live at Red Star 4-22-2010

The Rolling Stones, “Dead Flowers” The. Rolling Stones.

I THINK I’VE HEARD THE RAKERS Episode 7 – Spaceman

Episode 7 (09/03/2019) – The band takes a ride down I-10 to pick up out the vinyl copies of NUMBER FIVE from New Orleans Record Press and talks about Lance’s song “Spaceman.” We discuss tardigrades on the moon, Buzz Aldrin punching a dude in the face, “secret rich people space,” the technology behind braces and Leon tells how he couldn’t wait for the Apollo mission to be over.

Buzz Aldrin rolling his eyes

Buzz Aldrin punches dude in the face

During the first space launch, Leon (middle, bottom row) was attending the Robert St. John School for Famous Broadcasters where students could go help cover this historic event. Leon chose to stay back at the school so he could get off earlier and “drink some ‘Ripple.”


Leon also thought he saw the Grateful Dead at the Dairy Queen, but maybe not.



Episode 6 – Bad Penny (8/26/2019) – In this episode, we are joined by our favorites, Sam and Katie from Palomino Darling, to talk about personal responsibility in relationships, exorcism, and astrology. Also, Leon explains how to hypnotize somebody.

Here’s a clip of Palomino Darling with The Rakers’ Alex V. Cook on accordion at Mid City Ballroom 6/29/2019

Check out their wonderful album Anything But Human

Come on out to our record release show Thursday, September 12, 2019 at Mid City Ballroom with the Junior League, who will also be releasing their record Adventureland